Quail hunters and conservationists in the Gulf Coast Prairie of Texas have added a new chapter of Quail Forever in Waller, Fort Bend, and western Harris counties. Officially known as the Brazos River Prairie Chapter of Quail Forever, volunteers are focusing on habitat improvements and conservation education to create positive impacts for bobwhite quail and other wildlife in the Greater Houston region, focusing primarily on the Brazos River prairie ecosystem.

“Our chapter has a goal of restoring bobwhite abundance within the lower Brazos River prairie region, an area that once boasted huge coveys of bobwhite quail and other wildlife,” stated Mark Woodson, elected president of the Brazos River Prairie Chapter of Quail Forever. To accomplish this goal, the chapter has pointed to partnership opportunities with other organizations - including the Wildlife Habitat Federation, South Texas Bobwhite Brigade, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, and other local non-profits – as a means of working together for the future of bobwhite quail and upland habitat in Texas.

Thanks to much-needed precipitation throughout the state, most regions of Texas saw a quail population boom for the 2015-2016 hunting season. In the Gulf Prairies and Marshes region specifically, state biologists reported a slight decrease in quail abundance (flooding related) compared to the previous year, but the average number of bobwhites observed per route was still well-above the historical average for the region. With this in mind, the Brazos River Prairie Chapter of Quail Forever has formed at a time when increased awareness for bobwhite quail in Texas has formed positive momentum for wildlife habitat conservation.

Through a recently signed Memorandum of Understanding with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department – a partnership to properly develop, enhance, and manage for bobwhite quail on both public and private lands – the Brazos River Prairie Chapter of Quail Forever hopes to work closely with state agency biologists and other partners on habitat projects to help quail populations continue trending in a positive direction.

Texas is home to nine chapters of Quail Forever, and over 1,800 members of "The Habitat Organization." For more information about Quail Forever in Texas, contact Laura McIver at (907) 750-2600 or email.


The Brazos River Prairie chapter was formed May 5, 2016 by concerned Texas quail and pheasants hunters who want to make a difference for our upland birds.

When our chapter was created, the first Chapter Officers were elected. Those officers are:

  • Mark Woodson, President
  • Deborah Copeland, Treasurer
  • Jared Tanner, Marketing Chair
  • Steve Copeland, Youth Program Coordinator

Our chapter typically holds meetings on the first Thursday of the month. Exact meeting times and dates will be published in the “Events” section.

Our Chapter has a designated geographic area consisting of the following counties and zip codes (but not exclusive).


Fort Bend, Waller and West Harris.

Zip Codes: 77406, 77407, 77446, 77447, 77449, 77450, 77479, 77484, 77492, 77493, 77494



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